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Open your eyes to new possibilities with Maltron we share your vision for higher level of quality. We develop innovation and technology and we are committed to delivery next-generation of Medical technologies, are you?

Maltron is expanding its team we are interested in resumes from the highest calibre scientists and engineers in the field of Electronic, mechanical, system design and production at all degree levels.

Current Vacancies

Want to work on exciting projects?  If so, drop us your resume.

Preparing your job application to Maltron

Interested in working for Maltron then please take time to think when preparing each stage of your application. This will help you to sell yourself and ensure that you make best use of both your own and ours time. Look at some of the suggestions via the links. 

We prefer a set way on how applications and candidates should be presented. Resumes should be on A4, no longer than a few pages from which we should be able to get a clearly and concise picture of your capabilities and ambitions. If you don’t tell us, we won’t know. 

Please state the area of interest at time of your application and if no opening is available resumes are retained for 12months in case a suitable role materializes.