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Evolution of EIT

Several designs have been implemented over 2 decades, giving Maltron Sheffield research team an unprecedented wealthof experience and know how. Many designs have been implemented, making Maltron Sheffield the largest manufacturer of EIT systems in the world.

Over 2 decades of history of development which has resulted in the following products being implemented:

  • 16 Electrodes - 50KHZ data collection system
  • Miniature version of MK1, for use with astronauts and flown on the Russian MIR programme
  • 16 Electrodes - 20KHZ.
  • The system is mainly digital, using transputers and digital signal processing,
    enabling real time operation at 25 frames per second.
  • 16 Electrodes - Operating at 8 frequencies from 9.6KHZ TO 1.2MHZ
  • 64 Electrodes - Operating from 9.6KHZ TO 1.2MHZ
  • 8 Electrodes - 2KHZ to 1.6MHZ at 30 frequencies.

Many of the MK1 and SAPT systems have been produced and used by many research groups the world over.The latest MK3.5 was designed primarily for ease of applications ant its use on neonates.

Realted Products

    Maltron Sheffield MK 3.5 (Details)