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Welcome To Maltron International Limited

Maltron Analysers have become indispensible tool in the assessment of Body composition,
Hydration and for Evaluating the Nutritional Status.

All Maltron products calibrated for Childrens, Adults, the Older population, Sports, Athletes, Obese and Lean body types and as well as different ethnicity.

Our Products Range

BF - 900

BF 900For those with a limited budget Maltron BF-900 Body Fat Analyser is a high precision Bio-electrical Impedance (BIA) analyser, an excellent entry level device offering value for money with uncompromised accuracy.

BF - 906

BF 906Best selling Maltron BF-906 Body Fat Analyser a professional tool for professional people suited for professionals wanting detailed information of one’s health.


BF - 907Maltron BF-907 Body Compositionis suited for those wanting detailed Energy Expenditure (daily/weekly) information along side the normal Body composition and hydration assessments.

BioScan 916

Bioscan 916Maltron BioScan 916 is both an Impedance and Capacitive analyser and one of the most advance systems calibrated for all age groups, ethnicity including clinical population.

BioScan 916S

Bioscan 916SMaltron BioScan 916S includes all the features of the 916. Its calibrated for all age groups, ethnicity it also includes “Normal, Sports and Athletes” selection categories.

BioScan 920-II

BioScan 920-IIMaltron BioScan 920-II is a 2 channel 8 point two in one Multi-frequency technology. It is the most advance state of art system in its field offering uncomparable performance, storing 1000 patient data.

BioScan 920-II-S

BioScan 920-IIThe most advance state of art system in its field offering uncomparable performance. Maltron BioScan 920-II-S is a real time Multi-frequency analyser has all attributes and features of the standard BioScan 920-II. The S version is calibrated for “Sport and Athletes” population which includes all ages, ethnicity. It is a 2 in 1 technology, 2 channel simultaneous 8 point measuring system.