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Nephrology / Dialysis

BioScan is an indispensable measuring and diagnostic tool in the field of Nephrology for the assessment of nutritional status and fluid monitoring in clinical patients. In dialysis, monitoring fluid distribution and assessing patients dry weight is very important. Due to the fluid shifting osmotically from extra cellular to intracellular compartments, patients generally tend to suffer from headaches, vomiting, hypotension etc. during and after haemodialysis. Phase angle, Resistance and Reactance changes between Intracellular and Extra cellular compartments during fluid shifts. Bioscan's ability to measure these changes makes it a ideal clinical tool.



Nephrology - Dialysis - Kidney failure

Clinical Management of patients undergoing Dialysis
Estimation of GFR & Creatinine
Estimation of GFR & Creatinine - Graphs
Evaluation of Renal Function
Progression of Kidney Disease
Volume Status / Dry weight
Monitoring fluid changes during haemodialysis
Body Composition & Nutritional Assessment in Dialysis Patients
Adequacy of Dialysis
Monitoring Nutritional Status
Evaluation of Patient Monitoring with liver disease
Enhancing our insight into Physiological Mechanisms & Haemodynamic changes