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Adults and Elderly

Body Composition changes increasing Fat Mass with age specially effecting older individuals. More visceral fat is deposited with age increasing risk of diseases associated with increase fat deposition. There is increased risk of disability during aging as there is a decline in Fat free mass caused due to loss of muscle mass and bone mineral including muscular strength.

Some characteristics changes on Body Composition in neuromuscular patients

Monitoring Body Composition

With age there are considerable changes in different components of the fat free body, these change effect water, mineral and protein of Fat free body. It’s reported that average 65 years male or female Fat free body is between 1.099 and 1.093 g/cc. Further more between 10-16% of lean body mass is lost from adulthood to the age of around 65 years. This loss is due to bone mass and skeletal muscle mass with aging.

The routine use of Maltron Analysers as screening tool could help identify early changes