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Heart and Lung Transplant

In case of end stage heart failure or respiratory diseases both the heart and lungs are transplanted. After the surgical patients are monitored in ICU and prescribed a range drugs. During this period patients tend to increase weight.

Some characteristics changes on Body Composition in Coronary Artery Disease and Heart failure patients


Monitoring Body Composition

Monitoring Body composition looking at Total body water, and the ration of Intracellular water (ICW) and extracellular water (ECW) of this group of patients before and after surgery is very important as there body composition changes with increase in Body weight due to drugs prescribed. To ensure that weight gain is not excessive clinicians need to monitor Body Fat during treatment. Assessment in this patients should be taken pre and post surgery.

The results from these measurements can be used to design effective nutrition programs for patients who are malnourished or obese. ICW/ECW ratio can change in this group of patients following surgery with progressive increase after surgery. The initial drop in ICW/ECW is due to increase associated with increase in ECW after surgery.

Maltron Capacitance (Xc) value of BioScan has been found to be sensitive to change in Fat Free Mass as a result of aging and disease. Xc increase as Fat Free Mass decrease with age. This could reflect age or disease related changes as a result of changes in electrical conductivity and capacitance of cell membranes.

The routine use of Maltron Analysers as screening tool could help identify these diseases at a much earlier stage and help implement effect treatment helping sufferers return to a normality