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Spinal Cord Injury

Relate to damage to the spinal code. Injury to the spinal cord may cause loss of sensation and muscle weakness or paralysis. There two types of classification, however, this depends on the extent and location of injury. Paraplegia is when legs and trunk paralyzed or quadriplegia is when both legs and trunk are paralyzed.

Some characteristics changes on Body Composition in Cancer patients


Monitoring Body Composition

Body composition of Adults with Spinal Cord Injury changes, noticeable increase in Body Fat with reduction in Fat Free Mass and Body Cell Mass depending on the severity of injury. What was found Body Cell Mass and Body Mineral Density reduced more in quadriplegia group then in paraplegia. Paraplegia patients with prolonged Spinal Cord Injury had 12% less Body Cell Mass in the body compared to 30% in the legs.

Due to loss of Fat free Mass and Muscle wasting it is likely that protein will also reduce. Potassium levels indicative of Body Cell Mass will reduce proportion depending to the period of injury.

This group of patients are at higher increase risk from cardiovascular disease and diabetes due lack of active and increase Fat Mass. Increasing the risk for Osteoporosis and fractures. Therefore assessing body composition of this group is important.

The routine use of Maltron Analysers as screening tool could help identify these diseases at earlier stage helping implement effect treatment.