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Obesity has become a global epidemic and its prevalence is growing rapidly. What is startling is the increase in overweight children. In the UK the incidence of obesity doubled. The 1995 figures show an increase, that suggests by the year 2005 one in four female and one in five male adults will be clinically obese. Already half the adult population is classified as overweight.

In Germany, the Institute of Health Economics Medicine and Society reported the direct cost of obesity itself is
estimated to be about 8.6 to 11.5 billion DM. Those figures do not include indirect costs, which otherwise would
multiply still further. This is a startling statistic.

Monitoring changes in body composition during growth and development of a child is important. This can help identify their body fat levels. Studies have shown fatter children are most likely to be obese as adults and at greater health risk. As children growand develop the density of Fat Free Body changes due to the decrease in Total Body Water and increase in bone mineral.

Regular monitoring of body composition with Maltron Body Composition Analyser of school children and the parent will enable health and physical educators to better advise on how to achieve and maintain healthy body fat levels throughout the education period of children and into adulthood (E.g. healthy eating and physical activity)

Tracking changes in body composition and body fats due to maturation should be addressed to enable the children, especially girls, better understanding that these changes are normal during puberty. Incorporating the study of body composition into the
physical education curriculum is one approach to readdress the national statistics of health risks associated with overweight and obesity in children and parents.

The implementation of Maltron Body Composition monitoring within the education system for children and their parents can be executed without any major investment. However, before the implementation simple guidelines should be drawn so as not to expose children to any ridicule.

Consent should be obtained from parents before any assessments. Explain to the parents and children the purpose and procedures of the assessment so that they may have a better understanding. Full records should also be maintained of measurements to build a profile over time so that the changes on body composition resulting due to growth, diet,
maturation and physical activity can be monitored. Maintain information under strict confidentiality.

The method of assessment used by Maltron Analysers are non-invasive, non-intrusive, no undressing is required. All methods for the assessment of body composition are an estimation. However some provide better results than others. Maltron Body Composition Analysers are one such example.

The information provided is for general purpose and should not be construed as definite and binding advice. We strongly recommend readers should seek professional advice for specific information before embarking on any treatment.