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Comparison with other BIA or similar systems


Maltron Body Composition Analysers are today the world’s first low cost British manufactured Body Composition Analysers.


Maltron Analysers are designed with state of the art technology using scientifically validated hand and foot principle of Bioelectrical Impedance measuring the whole body and providing quick complete analysis.


Maltron Body Composition Analysers provide you with unique features not even found on devices costing hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Unlike all other Bioelectrical Impedance Analysers, Maltron Body Composition Analysers are the first of its kind not only to offer you a low cost device but to incorporate an enormous pre-stored bank of scientific equations from which an appropriate
equation is automatically selected to accurately estimate body composition based on your data input.

Furthermore Maltron Analysers are calibrated for children, adults, the elderly, sports, professional athletes and obese and lean body types.

Most commercially available Body Composition Analysers use no more than a few general equations which can over or under estimate Fat Free Mass (FFM).

Scientific research has clearly indicated that, to improve the accuracy of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysers, ethnic and physical activity level based equations need to be used.

The effect of nationality and physical activity level is discussed in greater detail further on.