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Energy Expenditure

This can be measured using the Maltron BF-907 Body Composition Analyser. Like the BF-900 and BF-906, the Maltron BF-907 incorporates the latest advance circuitry enabling you not only to measure Body Composition but also your daily and weekly energy expenditure.

RMR is the minimum amount of calories needed to sustain the vital function of the body when at rest. RMR is relative to the body size and surface area of the individual, taller and heavier individuals have a higher RMR than shorter and lighter individuals. RMR gradually decreases as we get older. To avoid weight gain with ageing our intake of calories should be reduced or physical activity increased.
The equations used by Maltron BF-907 are gender specific and take into accounts not only height and weight, but also age. Not only does body size and age effect our RMR, but body composition.
Muscular individuals tend to have a higher RMR than fatter individuals at the same weight. This is because fat tissue is less metabolically active than muscle tissue. Women tend to have a RMR 5-10% lower than those of men. This could be due to a higher body Fat.
RMR accounts for 50% to 70% of total daily caloric needs, this value depends on the level of activity performed. The percentage is greater for less active individuals who require fewer calories above the resting level.
Maltron BF-907 helps you estimate your client’s energy expenditure by recording every activity. This is estimated in METs for a variety of The daily work, recreational and sports activities are listed in the BF-907 Operating Manual. Select the METs shown against each activity and enter the reading in the BF-907, which will calculate the total calorie expenditure.