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Over the years many population specific and generalized equations as used in almost all commercially available Bioelectrical Impedance have been tested on sports and athletic population only to find such equations cannot accurately estimate the Fat Free Mass of this group.

Individuals who are physically active, highly sporty and athletes have greater bone mineral content, bone density and skeletal muscle mass. The density of the Fat Free body in athletic men and women is greater than that of their sedentary counterpart.

It is important to have an accurate initial assessment of body composition so that the appropriate goals in weight management and exercise training programs can be set.

Further changes in body composition due to weight loss or training need to continuously be monitored so that weight goals can be modified at each stage accordingly.

The use of Maltron Body Composition Analyser will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the weight loss or training.

Maltron Body Composition Analysers are the first BIA systems to apply specific equations in different categories.