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Nationality (Ethnicity)

Research has reported that body density varies with age, gender, nationality, level of body fat and physical activity levels, depending mainly on the proportion of water and mineral comprising the Fat Free Body (FFB).

Fat Free Body density of black women and men are greater because of their higher mineral content and bone density. Due to these differences in Fat Free Body density the body composition of black people will be incorrectly estimated if general population equation is used for estimation of Body Fat,as used by most commercially available systems.

Likewise, Fat Free body density of children is estimated to be lower because of their relative lower mineral and higher body water. The density of elderly men and women is lower because of their relatively low body mineral values. Therefore general population equations, as used by all Bioelectrical Analysers, will systematically over/under estimate Body Fat.

With Maltron Body Composition Analysers such errors can be avoided as the Maltron Analysers are currently the onlyinstruments that take into account Nationality (ethnicity) and physical activity levels along with age, gender, height and weight of an individual.

Note: In cases where no population specific equation exists for different age and ethnic groups, Maltron Body Composition Analyser will automatically select the most appropriate equation developed for other groups.