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Reasons for measuring body composition

Our bodies are complex organism made up of many tissues that change as our body develops, matures and ages.
It is important to know how these body compartments may be effected by age, gender and ethnicity.
Body Composition and not just body weight is an important indicator of one’s health and physical fitness. To have basic knowledge of Body Composition is essential in many fields including Health and Medicine, Nutrition, Exercise Science,human performance and other biological sciences.
Nutritional statistics, charting the course of diseases from diagnosis to recovery, growth and development, ageing and conditions of physical work are areas in which measurement of Body Composition can enhance and add to understanding of the physiological process and aid in the treatment of diseases like obesity, anorexia and cystic fibrosis.

Scientific research has clearly shown that obesity increases one’s risk of developing Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer, Strokes and many other related illnesses. On the other hand, too little body fat also poses a health risk. Our body needs a certain amount of fat for normal daily function.

Most professionals such as Practitioners, Researchers, Clinicians and others in health and fitness all require information such as body fat and lean mass additional to height and weight. In other areas, physicians may be interested in specific information about fluid compartments, body cell mass or bone mineral density. All this information is part of a thorough understanding of body assessment.
The three main components of the human body make up are Muscle, Fat and bone.