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"Physical fitness is the ability to perform occupational, recreational and daily
activities without becoming fatigued."

The information provided by our products will increase your understanding of both the art and science of Body Composition, helping you to develop your knowledge and skills as professionals, allowing you to provide your clients with the most accurate information about their body composition by using Maltron Body Composition Analysers.

Every attempt has been made to cover all aspects of Body Composition and where possible, focus on the major components of the body.

Your responsibility to your clients will be diverse, ranging from educator, trainer, technician, adviser and leader. To effectively service your clients, your knowledge must span over many disciplines.

As a professional, part of your responsibilities will be to analyse the body composition
of your clients using Maltron Body Composition Analyser, for that you need to understandthe basic principle of physical fitness assessment and exercise prescription. Results from these fitness assessments should be used to prepare scientifically sound exercise programs that are tailored to meet your clients needs, interests and abilities.

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