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Products - BF900

Maltron Body Fat Analyser - Single Frequency Bioelectrical impedance

People concerned with health understand one should perform regular assessments of Body composition, nutrition, hydration and weight management in order to track changes and progress.

Entry level device offering value for money for both personal and professional use the BF-900 Body Fat Analyser offers uncompromised accuracy and repeatability. Maltron Bio-electrical Impedance (BIA) analyser incorporate the latest research in Body composition and advance technology allowing analysis of one’s health to be carried out accurately on limited budget.

Maltron is the only BIA manufacturer to offer affordable high precision tetrapolar Bio-electrical impedance analysers with unquestionable accuracy and repeatability.

It is also the only manufacturer to offer in its entire range selectable categories and Calibration for different ethnicity and groups of people.

  • Normal, Sports, Athletes
  • Ethnicity
  • Calibrated for children, adults, older population including obese and lean population.

Test data results can be viewed directly on the BF-900 or transferred into the software.
No additional costly software required as to perform assessments

Included with the BF-900 is Maltron’s latest windows based software offering assessment of ones health with image identification database and password accessibility for added security.


  •  Assessing Body Composition.
  •  Assessment of over weight and obesis patients.
  •  Assessing malnutrition.
  •  Body Composition assessment in elderly.
  •  Eating disorders and effects of fasting.
  •  Effectives of weight loss.
  •  Medical Research.
  •  Monitoring Diabetes Patients


Maltron BF-900 uses the well established principal of tetrapolar Bio-electrical impedance is a scientific word used to describe our body's ability to resist (slow down) electricity as it flows through us offering a totally non-invasive assessment.

Flow of electrical signals are measured as they pass through Fat, Lean tissue and water, each resisting the flow of electrical signals at different rates giving us a highly reliable and accurate measure of the amounts of each of these components.

The method uses a 4 electrode technique.

2 placed on the hand and 2 on the foot. On entering all the required parameters and resting in a supine position with hands and legs slightly apart, the Maltron BF-900 is activated. The processing power of the BF-900 uses the input data along with the measured body impedance which is then applied to a data base of algorithms to perform whole body analysis.

The following parameters are then displayed the within seconds of commencing the testing:
  • Body Fat %
  • Target Body Fat (min/max)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) (Kilo-Calories) (Resting)
  • Body Impedance (Z)


  • Monitoring excessively high or low levels of Total Body Fat
  • Fat loss with out the risk of losing muscle
  • Effect of weight loss program
  • Dietary and exercise recommendations
  • Peak performance by monitoring and controlling Body Fat
  • Body Fat changes in body composition associated with ageing malnutrition and certain diseases
  • Growth development and age related changes in children,adolescents and identifying those most at risk because of under or over fatness
  • Mysterious weight gain or loss associated with periodic bloating
    or dehydration


  • Motivational tool in weight loss programs
  • Accurate tracking of changes in Body composition
  • Considerable benefits against calipers
  • No patient contact
  • No de-robbing 
  • Software to track changes, evaluation for necessary action
  • Cardiac Risk Analysis Program
  • Portability
  • Non-invasive  


  • Over weight and Obese patients Assessment
  • Body Composition Assessment
  • Weight loss Effects
  • Assessing Malnutrition
  • Eating disorders and effects of fasting
  • Body Composition assessment in elderly
  • Monitoring Diabetic Patients
  • Medical Research


  • Body Composition Assessment


  • Non Intrusive
  • No Patient contact
  • No Patient de-robbing
  • Excellent incentive tool
  • Excellent Medical Tool
  • Excellent Research Tool
  • Excellent marketing tool
  • Generates repeat business
  • Improvement in profitability
  • Attracts clients


  • Cardiac Risk Analysis
  • Body fat assessment
  • Target  fat range
  • Graphical Pie charts
  • Bar charts
  • Management
  • Analysis of parameters
  • Trend analysis of selected parameters
  • History tracking
  • Image identification database
  • Password accessibility for added security


  • Quick, Safe and Easy
  • No Computer Required
  • Metric / Imperial
  • Battery operated
  • Portable
  • Pre-calibration
  • Displays results and Targets
  • Foreign Languages
  • Automatic switch off
  • Semi Auto Recalibration check

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